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Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellations and Refunds If, as a Client, you cancel your requested booking before the requested booking is confirmed by a Solver, Sesquis will cancel any deposits from your credit card or its third party payment processor in connection with the requested booking within a commercially reasonable time. If, as a Client, you wish to cancel a confirmed booking made via the Site, Application and Services, either prior to or after the commencement of the delivery of the services, the cancellation policy of the Solver contained in the applicable Profile or Post will apply to such cancellation. Our ability to refund the Fees and other amounts charged to you will depend upon the terms of the applicable cancellation policy. Details regarding refunds and cancellation policies are available via the Site and Application.
If a Solver cancels a confirmed booking made via the Site, Services, and Application, (i) Sesquis will refund the Total Fees for such booking to the applicable Client within a commercially reasonable time of the cancellation and (ii) the Client will receive an email or other communication from Sesquis containing alternative Profiles and Posts and other related information. If the Client requests a booking from one of the alternative Profiles or Posts and the Solver associated with such alternative Profile or Post confirms the Client’s requested booking, then the Client agrees to pay Sesquis the Total Fees relating to the confirmed booking for the services in the alternative Profile or Post, in accordance with these Terms. If a Solver cancelled a confirmed booking and you, as a Client, have not received an email or other communication from Sesquis, please contact Sesquis at

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