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Q. What is

A. is a site which principally helps students connect with local residents and businesses for short term temporary employment such as tutoring, computer help and odd jobs.
Q. Do I have to be registered to use

A. You do not have to be registered to see the home page and the notice board. You have to be registered to browse our database of Students, Residents and Businesses.
Q. How much does it cost to register?

A. Registration and membership are free.
Q. What makes Sesquis more than a tutoring agency?

A. Sesquis is a genuine community network for the use of the entire local community, wherever that may be. Our members are the students in the community, the business people and the residents of the community. We hope that connections made on Sesquis will make each Sesquis community function more like a community.
Q. How does Sesquis promote the interests of the entire community?

A. By running programs for members of the community who have less access than others to the great features of the community. As explained by our name, which means one and a half, we strongly believe any business which stands to make a profit must make a full contribution to Society.
Q. What does 'Sesquis' mean?

A. Sesquis come from the Latin 'sesqui' which translates into English as one-and-a-half. Our belief is that we all have our core strengths and then something -the extra half- to offer to others. Many of our first members are incredibly talented students who have some available time and community members whose lives are incredibly busy and who have local needs and the ability to pay for solutions. One-and-a-half on each side.

For Employers

Q. How do I book a task?

A. Look through the Students profiles to choose a Solver for your task. Look at their availability calendar to see if they are available at the time you want the job done. Choose the category of help you need. Click a minimum of one hour on the calendar. Then click "book now".
Q. Do I have to pay for a task that I book through

A. Yes, only when the payment is completed can the booking be confirmed.
Q. What happens if the Student doesn't turn up for the booking or if I'm not satisfied with their performance?

A. Then we give you a full refund.
Q. Do I need a credit card to pay?

A. Yes you do. It is an e-commerce website.
Q. How do I know my payments are secure?

A. We use PayPal as our payment solution which handles the largest volume of e-commerce transactions in the world and is regarded as the safest payment solution.
Q. Can I book the same student for the same task at the same time every week?

A. Absolutely! Just select 'regular schedule' on the booking form
Q. I've been asked to leave a review. What happens to my review if I leave one?

A. The student reviewed gets a rating. That rating may help prospective employers decide among Solvers.


Q. Why should I join

A. It is a safe, flexible and effective way to earn extra money on your doorstep while you are studying.
Q. Will it distract me from my studies?

A. Every Sesquis student (Solver) has a calendar where you can set your availability so you do what you want when you can.
Q. What is the benefit to me of joining

A. 1.You will have access to a wide network of sympathetic local employers whose proximity to your place of study brings a degree of trust and convenience to your connection that you may not find with another job. 2. Connections made through can often lead to step-free employment at the end of your degree. So from the first day of your degree, you might connect with where you'll be starting work when it's ended. 3. Local opportunities found through attract pay well above minimum wage.
Q. Where should I meet a prospective employer for the first time?

A. We recommend that you always meet on neutral, public ground for the first time. It gives both Student and prospective employer the chance to ask relevant questions and form an opinion about whether the connection is likely to work.
Q. Why can't I get paid directly by the employer?

A. Because it is in breach of the Terms and Conditions, item 15, User Conduct, sub-paragraph 14, and will result in your removal from the website. We can only guarantee your payment if it is processed through our secure payment solution. If you contract for payment with an employer off the site, you will not be rated and because you forfeit your membership, you will not have access to the registered employers on It's such a great network anyway. Nobody wants to leave.
Q. Once I meet an employer for the first time, what's to stop me from contracting directly with him for future bookings?

A. We cannot stop you from doing that. However, if you do so, you will be in breach of the Terms and Conditions, please see the Terms, item 15, User Conduct, sub-paragraph 14. This is a breach of contract and will result in the removal of your profile from the website.
Q. Other tutor agencies promise flexibility. You say flexibility is the key to Sesquis. What do you mean by that?

A. Firstly, Sesquis isn't a tutor agency. Every Sesquis student has a calendar which you set yourself so you only work when you are available. You are completely in control of whether you want to work or not and when you wish to do so. You have the complete ability to change the availability you set to keep up with your current commitments. Plus you set your own rates.
Q. Does a relationship with Sesquis extend beyond College?

A. It can! In some cases, going to work for a local family or business can lead to an opportunity for life. It has been known to happen.
Q. How do I get paid for something I do through Sesquis?

A. Sesquis collects payment from the client once a job has been booked. We will release payment to you at any time after the job has been completed satisfactorily. So you may choose to be paid at the end of a job or at the end of a period, like weekly or monthly. It's up to you. We transfer directly to your bank account. Remember, you need to comply with self-assessment tax rules if your income from all sources exceeds a certain amount