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Our Method

Image by Vasily Koloda

As with all physical exercise, we begin with a warmup. Sesquis has transplanted this concept to its lessons hence all lessons open with a grounding exercise to improve focus and alleviate anxiety, allowing for a more productive lesson. It is our hope that your child will be convinced of the merits of this encounter and introduce it to other areas of their life which are pressured in both present and future. Sesquis recognises the efficacy of tutoring is greatest influenced by the connection our tutor is able to form with your child. Thus Sesquis prides itself in only hiring intuitive, engaging and empathetic tutors. Further, the teenage years are the most daunting and stressful of a young adult. Sesquis encourages its tutors to impart their own life experience to help your child navigate the present and guide them through into adulthood. This approach is aimed at helping your child actualise their potential, encourage their passions, develop their self esteem and cultivate them, ultimately making them better rounded and happier.

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