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Our Reason

Satya hired top tutoring agencies to support her two sons, relying on their guarantee of improving grades. Through this process she realised that these guarantees were often hollow and the process could even be detrimental to her children flourishing and advancing. She recognised that intelligence and grades are not transferred through osmosis even though all tutors employed were highly accredited and qualified. The big agencies' narrow approach, which was solely ends focused mimicked the exam factories which schools are becoming. Instead of replicating the orthodox methods of education that schools employ outside the classroom to no effect she sought another way to help her sons connect with the best of their education. Hence Sesquis, which means in Latin, 'one and a half'; in other words, that little bit more to close the gap. 


After homeschooling her son Jeremie to close a gap in his education, Satya Crystal founded Sesquis. An Attorney at Law with over 3 decades of experience, she resolved to help other parents do the same.

She tutored him in the humanities and recruited help from one Imperial College student, Georgina, to keep his science and maths strong for a 6 week period between January and mid February 2008. Now, she acts as CEO and Head Parent to the site.

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